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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I reveal personal secrets whilst in Hypnosis?


No. Hypnotherapy is not the same as stage hypnosis, you are in full

control of all do.  In fact, I don't even ask you to speak when you are in the relaxed state of hypnosis.


Will I lose consciousness whilst in Hypnosis?


During Hypnotherapy the client is always fully aware and in control

of everything that happens. It's like day dreaming, so even if the therapist left the room and never returned you would come round by yourself within a few minutes. 


Are there any dangers?


None.  You will be in a safe environment and will simply be relaxed.


Can anyone be hypnotised?


Most people can go into at least a light trance, this is sufficient for most hypnotherapeutic goals. Therefore the majority of people can benefit from Hypnotherapy to some extent.


Will I remember what happened during Hypnosis?


You will remember most things but not all, but this is the way the memory normally works. For example, when you listen to a speech you don't remember everything that has been said., but you will recall the majority of it.  The same applies with Hypnosis.


Please do email me with any unanswered questions you may have.

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